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Ohio Bar and Restaurant Assistance Fund Read More.

Ohio Bar and Restaurant Assistance Fund

To All Shaffer customers in Ohio

We wanted to make sure you had the latest information on the Bar and Restaurant Assistance fund. Each active on-premises liquor permit (as of 10.23.20) is eligible for $2,500 per location.This funding isn’t competitive, as soon as a permit holder enters this information, a check can be sent and the money does not have to be repaid.

Three easy steps

  1. Visit
  2. Choose the link for “Bar and Restaurant Assistance Fund
  3. Input your liquor permit number and tax information.

Stay healthy and let us know if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Andy Shaffer
Shaffer Entertainment

Small Grant Opportunity – Michigan 

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation announced a grant opportunity through the Michigan Municipal League Foundation for certain businesses impacted by State orders related to COVID-19.

Grant Information

Eligible businesses include:

Restaurants, bars and other food and beverage service providers.

Lodging providers and hospitality businesses.

Movie theaters and live event venues.

Conference and meeting facilities.

Bowling centers, indoor water parks, and ice skating rinks.

Indoor recreation facilities.

The funds, up to $15,000, will be provided under the federal CARES act. Applications will be open beginning 9:00 am on December 15 and will be processed on a first in basis.

To prepare for the application process follow the below link for instructions:

Application and Instructions

Action Alert:  Contact Your Local Legislator ASAP

Dear Shaffer Entertainment Customers:  It’s time toDe fight for your business, NOW

As you probably know, the Governor is poised to once again shut down Ohio’s Hospitality Industry pursuant to his press conference Wednesday evening.

We need you to ACT NOW by contacting your local House of Representatives and Senators.  I am BEGGING each of you to please take 5 minutes to make just a couple of calls to your local legislator and to get your customers involved in this fight.  We are at a crucial period to fight for our businesses and to save our locations from a devastating shutdown.

We’ve attached a web link of Ohio House & Senate Members for you to call ASAP. Find the ones in your own area to call and please use the script below if helpful. At the least, just leave a constructive voice mail

 Find your state legislators here:

**Below is a potential script for you to use when calling to either speak with them directly or to leave a detailed message.  Let’s fight for our businesses by making these calls, the Gov. doesn’t think anyone in the hospitality industry cares if he shuts us down or not, let him know otherwise!


Andy Shaffer

Shaffer Entertainment

Hello, my name is ___________, and I own ___________________.  I am calling today to inform you of the damage that Governor DeWine’s action are taking on Ohio’s hospitality industry.   

Next Friday he may shut down the bars and restaurants all over Ohio despite several of his medical experts who appeared during his press conference on Monday November 9th stating that bars and restaurants are not the problem. 

We barely survived the shutdown last spring due to the help from the federal stimulus.  A shut down now will devastate millions of Ohio jobs.  The casinos, racinos and lottery machines are allowed to continue to operate, the Browns and Bengals have 12,000 drunk fans in their stands, but the bars and restaurants get shut down.  This makes no sense and is wrong.

I am asking your help to convey to the Governor’s office that you don’t support the hospitality industry in Ohio being made a scapegoat for the spread of the virus while being destroyed. Thank you for your time. 


Happy Friday to all of our Shaffer Entertainment Customers:

First and foremost, we know and feel with you how challenging a business climate is for all of us right now & we want to let you know, how much we appreciate your business and loyalties very much!

We are hopeful that you saw recently, some opportunities by the State of OH to file for some financial assistance late last week. We want to make sure that you have all of the resources available to you to apply. You will see 2 links below to help you file for assistance from the State, if you desire to apply, is up to you.

We are very grateful for all of our pool and dart league players and locations right now, as they are responding well on the streets and have proven again to be a catalyst to help drive business into your locations during these challenging times. Sign up’s for winter leagues will be coming out in a month or so, but now is the time to contact our league dept to ask for help in recruiting or signing up potential league players for upcoming leagues. These leagues have shown day in and day out, to be the best ROI for any of our locations that desire to promote pool & dart leagues & we are here to help!

Everyone, please take good and safe care of yourselves and your families.

My best,

Andy Shaffer

Shaffer Entertainment

Attention Ohio Customers:
The Director of Health just signed an amended Order allowing us to TURN ON our games effective tonight, Friday, June 5, 2020.

Additionally, we have been assured by the Attorney General’s Office that the sentence “customers must be seated” does not apply while playing any of our equipment, including pool tables.

Due to the Post Pandemic situation that Shaffer and all of our customers are in right now, these will be our updated hours of service to accomplish the best we can to take care of our equipment and our valuable customers 364 days a year. Thank You, Andy Shaffer – Shaffer Entertainment

  • M – F Hours 9am – 10pm
  • Saturday Hours (11am – 12 am)
  • Sunday Hours (12pm – 8pm)

Columbus – 614.299.4141 | Indiana – 317.899.2556 | Michigan – 734.853.1740

A Message from Andy Shaffer, President, Shaffer Entertainment

From the day this company started, over 32 years ago, we’ve been committed to one thing – taking care of our customers. Throughout the last few months, all our personal and professional lives have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. No one has felt this pain more than you.

No matter what the road is ahead, in these uncertain times, we stand loyally by your side. At Shaffer Entertainment, our promise hasn’t changed since 1988, we’re still “in the business of building your business.” And we want to help.

As you and your staff are in the midst of a challenging re-opening, we understand the need for the safety of your people, security of your patrons, and the sanitization of your on-premise establishment. We are closely following public health best practices and government agency guidelines regarding the state’s coronavirus responsible restart for Restaurant and Bars.

And to do our part in helping you re-open; we pledge these 5 quality commitments.

Please understand, while you have had to make changes in your operations, so have we – in infrastructure, response times, collection frequencies, and of course human touch. Yet, this doesn’t lessen our dedication to your business. Though we will not be perfect, our hearts are aligned with your establishment’s successful restart and our collective efforts of safely re-opening together, in this new world.


Andy Shaffer, President, Shaffer Entertainment

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