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An Important Message From Andy Shaffer, President, Shaffer Entertainment. Read More.

A Message from Andy Shaffer, President, Shaffer Entertainment

A Message from Andy Shaffer, President, Shaffer Entertainment

From the day this company started, over 32 years ago, we’ve been committed to one thing – taking care of our customers. Throughout the last few months, all our personal and professional lives have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. No one has felt this pain more than you.

No matter what the road is ahead, in these uncertain times, we stand loyally by your side. At Shaffer Entertainment, our promise hasn’t changed since 1988, we’re still “in the business of building your business.” And we want to help.

As you and your staff are in the midst of a challenging re-opening, we understand the need for the safety of your people, security of your patrons, and the sanitization of your on-premise establishment. We are closely following public health best practices and government agency guidelines regarding the state’s coronavirus responsible restart for Restaurant and Bars.

And to do our part in helping you re-open; we pledge these 5 quality commitments.

Please understand, while you have had to make changes in your operations, so have we – in infrastructure, response times, collection frequencies, and of course human touch. Yet, this doesn’t lessen our dedication to your business. Though we will not be perfect, our hearts are aligned with your establishment’s successful restart and our collective efforts of safely re-opening together, in this new world.


Andy Shaffer, President, Shaffer Entertainment

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