Rules & Proforma

Shaffer Entertainment Dart League Rules

Dart League Coordinator: Tom Ceckitti

Shaffer Office Number – 614-299-4141

Revised 2-2-2017



  1. Throw line will be 8’ from the face of the board. You may step on, but not over the line before releasing your dart.
  2. If a dart is thrown before the machine is ready, you lose that dart.
  3. A dart thrown is a dart shot. Dropped darts may be picked up and thrown.
  4. You may score any dart that sticks in the board and doesn’t count as long as you didn’t throw before your name is in yellow. You should proceed to count it before another dart is thrown. To avoid any controversy, the opposing team captain must score dart.
  5. If a player throws out of turn:
    1. The machine is backed up to the correct position.
    2. If the player throwing out of turn ends the game, they will lose that game. The violation must be reported within 24 hours to Shaffer Entertainment during business hours 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.
  6. You may pass any or all of your darts at any time.
  7. Darts cannot exceed 20 grams in weight or 8” in length.
  8. As soon as any player reaches “0” in a 301 or 501 game, the game is over, if the player is not frozen. “frozen” is when the opponent’s total score is lower than your partner’s score. If you take out the game when you are frozen, you lose that game.
  9. Once match play starts players cannot their shooting order until all singles or doubles games have been played in the match.

Starting time

  • Starting time is 7:30 p.m. (unless noted differently) if a team is not present by 8:00 all games are forfeited unless the missing team calls and reschedules. If you are going to be late, be considerate and call before 7:30. All games forfeited must be reported to Shaffer Entertainment within 24 hours during business hours 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday -Friday.
  • All matches should be completed by 11:00 pm


  • Any match rescheduled needs to be played and completed no later than 2 weeks after the original match date. If the match is not completed the forfeit rule will be used against the team that was the initial reason for the reschedule. In the last 2 weeks of the schedule, the match must be played by the end of that current week or pre-played at a time agreed upon by both teams.


  • On any forfeit, the forfeiting team will receive zero wins. The opposing team receives 70%. Forfeits will affect the final payouts. Any team forfeiting two weeks in a row will be dropped from the league. A 3rd forfeit will result in removal from the division. Teams dropping out of leagues will forfeit all monies paid in. You must play the last match to receive any team winnings.
  • Once a team receives their 3rd forfeit and are dropped from the division, the remaining matches on the schedule will become byes for the rest of the teams.
  • Forfeits must be called into the Shaffer office to be valid. (614)-299-4141


  • A) the last two weeks of scheduled league play you cannot have any “new player” subs.
  • Player starting averages will be based on play during the previous year. Averages will go by the first number after the decimal. Example: a 27.46 will play as a 27.4
  • Teams must start the session at or under the posted team PPD cap. If a team with a new player (or player that has not played in the Shaffer/NDA system in the last calendar year) goes over the team cap by 4 points or more (as a result of said players average) for 2 consecutive weeks they will be under review for possible penalty, which could include loss of wins, and up to removal from the division.
  • A player’s rank must be at or lower than the stated requirements for that division at the start of the session. A player that has not played in the Shaffer/NDA system in the last calendar year may improve .75 in cricket and 5.0 in 01 over the limit during the session. Anything over that will require the team to take action in replacing that player.

151 rules/subs (cont.)

  • “151” rule: you must use this rule when you do not have all your players present. When your “151”/missing player’s turn is up you must give them 150 points in the first round and that is where their score stays. During cricket games, no marks or points are given. The “151” players partner must play alone passing every other turn.
  • All subs will shoot with a 0 the first night in the program, handicap determined by machine after the first night. If they play in other divisions their sub average will be their overall average from all divisions.
  • Sanction fees must be paid by subs after they play 2 weeks.
  • In the last two weeks or league finals, you can use any player who has previously played or subbed in the current Shaffer Entertainment leagues as long as they keep the team under or at the team cap.
  • No player can play for their regular team and sub for another or sub for two teams at the same time on the same night.
  • All subs that are to be made regulars, must inform Shaffer Entertainment during business hours 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. m-f 24 hours of gameplay.
  • If a player plays on 2 separate nights in the same division level, and those two nights are added into the same league final, they must choose a team to play for before the tournament starts. They may add a sub for the finals if it’s under the sub guidelines.
  • For a sub to play in the finals, they must have a minimum of 20 games played in the current session.

Remote Play Rules

  • The visiting team should contact the home team at least 60 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the match to let them know they would like to play remote.
  • If there is a board malfunction that prevents the match from proceeding, you must call Shaffer Entertainment asap to request a service technician. Also, contact the other location you are playing to inform them of the situation.
  • If a board malfunction cannot be repaired in a timely manner the match must be rescheduled to be completed after the repairs are made.
  • If anyone is proven to be playing under another players name and stats all games will be forfeited to the other team. And the player will receive a warning. 2nd offense will result in suspension from the league.
  • Teams that are scheduled as the home team get priority overboard availability, no exceptions.
  • It is strongly encouraged to travel to other locations to play your scheduled matches. Especially when the locations are less than 20 miles apart.

League Fees

  • All players pay a league fee of $10.00 per week. To be collected by machine in dollar bill acceptor. The machine will not start league play until league fees are collected.


  • All money will be kept in escrow, in a bank account in the name of Shaffer Entertainment dart leagues until time of payout.
  • Standings will be determined by win %. If 2 teams are tied the first tiebreaker will be the team with the most wins. If teams are tied with win % and the number of wins then the tiebreaker will be the head to head matchup.


  • You have 1 minute to get to the throw line when it is your turn. You have 1 minute to throw your darts, 15 seconds between darts. You must throw all 3 darts consecutively without leaving the throwing area, excepti0n being to discuss game strategy with your teammates. The first time you violate this rule is a warning. Any subsequent violations and you will lose your turn.
  • All misunderstandings should be settled by the 2 captains in a spirit of sportsmanship and common sense. No rude comments while the opponent is at the line. If a problem cannot be resolved leave the bar and reschedule the match later, even if the match has already started. No games will be forfeited for that night of league play
  • B.) All team captains are responsible for the actions of their teammates and any observers who may be with their team.
  • Smoke breaks – there can be no more than 2 smoke breaks during a 13 & 15 game match and 3 smokes breaks during a 19-game match. Breaks will be limited to 5 minutes each! Please try to take smoke breaks during singles and doubles matches that you are not involved in to help keep the match from going late into the evening.
  • No two team captains can agree to violate any rules. If this occurs, both teams can be penalized with a forfeit and face possible expulsion from the program.

If you continually break the rules of Shaffer Entertainment dart leagues, you take the chance of being expelled from our leagues for one year.


  • Any physical violence and those person/persons will be expelled from the current league and will forfeit all monies paid.
  • Any physical violence on the dartboard will result in the 1st offense – warning, 2nd offense – suspension for 2 weeks, 3rd offense – expelled for the session and under review for admission into next session.
  • If any physical violence upon the machine causes it to be disabled and/or not allow the match to continue the other team will receive a forfeit and will be an automatic 3rd strike against the offending player. The player will also be responsible for all costs in repairing the machine.
  • If a machine malfunctions, call Shaffer Entertainment for service
  • (614)299-4141. If a service person doesn’t get there within 45 minutes you must reschedule the match.

Being barred

  • If you are barred from any location in your league you will be ineligible to play in that location. You will be allowed to use a sub.

Moving a team

  • No team can move to a new bar until all parties involved agree to the change. Unless the bar has closed or is no longer a Shaffer Entertainment customer. No exceptions.

Team drops out 

  • If your team drops out of the league, you will not be eligible to play in the next league or in the city tournament, unless approved by the league department.

New players

  • Captains must notify the opposing captain of any new players before the match starts.

Sanction Fees

  • The $12.00 sanction fee must be paid the 3rd week of league. If you are not currently sanctioned, you must put your first and last name, address, and phone number on the sanction form. Sanctioning starts September 1st thru August 31st.
  • If you have not played in a Shaffer Entertainment dart league for 2 years or 6 seasons you will be considered a new player and will be subjected to the rules and restrictions of the Shaffer Entertainment dart league committee as to your ranking

If there are any discrepancies in the interpretation of the rules, Shaffer Entertainment’s decision is final!

Shaffer Entertainment reserves the right to review and modify these rules at any time during the season as needed.