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City Tournament 2022

Teams must consist of at least 5 original players (no Subs, no double play)

Matches will be handicapped, just like league play. There are divisions set up in the league system.

Match assignments will be posted on All matches will be played at the scheduled bars at the scheduled times.

Flip a coin to determine the home team. All match scores will be kept on paper. Text completed scoresheets to 614-989-0680

In the event of a tie, the last round will be replayed. The score will be reset to zero. Any handicap will be awarded. Flip a coin for the first break and alternate breaks from then on.

Bank shots Billiards  3201 Hilliard Rome Rd
Cliffside 2978 McKinley Ave, Columbus, OH 43204
Cushions  5986 Westerville Rd, Westerville
D&S Lounge 6065 Channingway Blvd
Derby Grove City  2209 Stringtown Rd
Donericks Pickerington 8531 Refugee Rd, Pickerington
Hound Dogs 2657 N High St, Columbus,
Ikes Pub  346 Hubbard Rd
Mister Mike 4263 East Main Street
Mugsy’s   1040 Hilliard Rome Rd, Columbus,
O’Malley 530 Norton Rd, Columbus, OH 43228
Players 4380 E Main St
The Point on Main  1192 Noe Bixby Rd, Columbus
Qstix 866 Oakland Park Ave, Columbus
Tavern 62  9250 US-62, Orient,
The Mug 333 Agler Rd, Columbus
Thirsty Turtle  2683 Independence Village Center Dr,
Whitehorse  4318 Broadway, Grove City
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