Rules – Indiana Darts


Throwing line will be 8’ from the face of the board. You may step on, but not over the line before releasing your dart. If you do so, 2 warnings will be given. The first time will result in the loss of next dart; the second time will result in the loss of the game.

  1. If a dart is thrown before the machine is ready, you lose that dart.
  2. A dart thrown is a dart shot. Dropped darts may be picked up and thrown.
  3. You may score any dart that sticks in the board and doesn’t count if you didn’t throw before your name is in yellow. You should proceed to count it before another dart is thrown. To avoid any controversy, the opposing team captain must score dart.

The player throws out of turn

  1. If a player throws out of turn:

A.)   The machine is backed up to the correct position.

B.)   In the exception of handicap around the player that threw out of turn loses next round.

C.)   Any points that were scored during handicap round remains on the players turn that was taken.

D.)   If the player throwing out of turn ends the game, they will lose that game. The violation must be reported within 24 hours to Shaffer Entertainment during business hours 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.

E.)    If the player throws in the proper position, but on the wrong player’s score and realizes their mistake before three darts are thrown, they may reposition the game to the proper location and throw their remaining darts.

  1. You may pass any or all your darts at any time.
  2. Darts cannot exceed 18 grams in weight or 8” in length.
  3. As soon as any player reaches “0” in a 301 or 501 game, the game is over, if the player is not frozen. “frozen” is when the opponent’s total score is lower than your partner’s score. If you take out the game when you are frozen, you lose that game.

Starting time

  1. Starting time is 7:30 p.m. if a team is not present at 7:40 p.m. the first game is forfeited. By 7:50 the second game is forfeited and by 8:00 all games are forfeited. If you are going to be late, be considerate and call before 7:30. No one wants to win by forfeit; we’re all here to play darts! All games forfeited must be reported to Shaffer Entertainment within 24 hours during business hours 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday


  1. Any match rescheduled needs to be played and completed on or before the last night of league play. If the match is not completed the below forfeit rule will be used. No exceptions.


  1. A.) On any forfeit, the forfeiting team will receive zero wins. The opposing team receives 70%. Both teams must still turn in their league fees. Forfeiting teams must pay prior to the next match. Any team forfeiting two weeks in a row will be dropped from the league. All games played by that team will be deleted from the standings. Teams dropping out of leagues forfeit all monies paid in. You must play the last match to receive any team winnings.

B.) The team responsible for the rescheduled match not being completed will be held responsible for both team’s league fees. No exceptions.


  1. At the start of league play, 7:30 p.m., if a team has 4 regular players present, they must play those players. You may not use a sub. You must use the “151” rule if a player cannot play. (see rule 14) you should wait until all players are present to enter teams into the machine. Once the machine is loaded with the players, that is who must play. You cannot make any changes after the machine is set up.
  2. A.) If both team captains agree to let a sub play, there can be no protest entered. This does not pertain to the last two weeks of scheduled league play where you cannot have any new subs.

B.) A “master player cannot sub for an “a” player.

C.) An “a” player cannot sub for a “b” player.

D.) An “a” man cannot sub for an “a” lady

E.) If there is only one league say: wed open – anyone can sub for any player.

151 rules/subs

  1. “151” rule: you must use this rule when you do not have all your players present. When your “151” player’s turn is up you must give them 150 points and that is where the score stays. During cricket games, no points are taken off the score. The “151” players partner must play alone passing every other turn.

A.)   All subs will shoot with 0 first night, handicap determined by machine after the first night

B.)   They must be sanctioned the first time they play. This fee must be paid before the match starts.

C.)   Two subs can be used on any given night, otherwise, the “151” rule will be in effect (refer to rule 14).

D.)   All subs must be ranked equal to or lower than the player they are subbing for, (a) players for (a). (b) plays for (b). etc. Except (a) ladies can sub for (b) men and ladies high league an (a) lady can sub for a (b) lady.

E.)    In the last two weeks, you can use any player who has previously played or subbed in the current Shaffer Entertainment leagues if they are ranked equal to or lower than the player they are subbing for.

F.)    No player can play for their regular team and sub for another or sub for two teams at the same time.

G.)   All subs that are to be made regulars, must inform Shaffer Entertainment during business hours 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. m-f 24 hours of the gameplay.

  1. A.) Wednesday low league no (a) men. This is a low league!

B.) Ladies high league can have 4 (a) ladies.

  1. The mixed league is 2 women and 2 men no exceptions. The women must play in the first and third position.

League Fees

  1. All players pay a league fee of $6.00 per week. To be collected by machine in dollar bill acceptor. The machine will not start league play until league fees are collected.


  1. All money will be kept in escrow, in a bank account in the name of Shaffer Entertainment dart leagues until time of payout.


  1. A.) All misunderstandings should be settled by the 2 captains in a spirit of sportsmanship and common sense. No rude comments while the opponent is at the line. If a problem cannot be resolved leave the bar and reschedule the match for a later date, even if the match has already started. No games will be forfeited for that night of league play

B.) All team captains are responsible for actions on the teammates and any observers who may be with their team.


  1. If a team wishes to enter a protest, the captain must present the protest within 24 hours of the match. (this includes makeup matches). In a one-page letter stating the rule that was broken along with a $30.00 protest fee. If the committee finds in favor of the protesting team, the $30.00 will be refunded. If they do not find in favor of the protesting team, the $30.000 will go into the league account. It is the captain’s responsibility to present the protest at the meeting and to control his or her team players.
  2. All league fees will be returned via trophies, payout, and city tournament, etc.
  3. Blind draws will be held at the first-place teams home bar for each league.


  1. Any physical violence and those person/persons will be expelled from the current league and will forfeit all monies paid.

Being barred

  1. If you are barred from any bar in your league you will be ineligible to play in that bar. You will be allowed to use a sub.
  2. All league standings are ranked by win percentage.

Moving a team

No team can move to a new bar until all parties involved agree to the change unless the bar has closed or is no longer a Shaffer Entertainment customer. No exceptions

Team drop out

  1. If your team drops out of the league, you will not be eligible to play in the next league or in the city tournament, unless approved by the committee. If a player leaves a team for any reason, that player must come before the committee before they can play or sub for any team during that season.

New players

  1. Captains must notify the opposing captain of any new players before the match starts.

Sanction Fee

  1. The $12.00 sanction fee must be paid the first night of league. If you are not currently sanctioned, you must put your first and last name, address, and phone number on the sanction form. Sanctioning starts September 1st thru August 31st.
  2. You have 2 minutes to get to the throw line when it is your turn. You have 1 minute to throw your darts. You must throw all 3 darts consecutively without leaving the throwing area. The first time you violate this rule is a warning. Any subsequent violations and you will lose your turn.
  3. If you have not played in a Shaffer Entertainment dart league for 2 years or 6 seasons you will be considered a new player and will be subjected to the rules and restrictions of the Shaffer Entertainment dart league committee as to your ranking.

Machine malfunction

  1. If a machine malfunctions, call Shaffer Entertainment for service 317-899-2556. If a service person doesn’t get there within 45 minutes you must reschedule the match.
  2. No two team captains can agree to violate any rules. If this occurs, both teams can be penalized.
  3. If you continually break the rules of Shaffer Entertainment dart leagues, you take the chance of being expelled from our leagues for one year.
  1. All players must play a min. Of 20 weeks within the last year to qualify for the Shaffer Entertainment city dart tournament. No event entry fee! Sign-up for City at Shaffer Entertainment only!
  2. Ranking cut offs


Men                                                                                Men

2.24 and below =b                                           22.49 and below =b

2.74 to 2.25 =a                                                  27.49 to 22.50 =a

2.75 and up =master                                      27.5 and up =master


Ladies                                                                     Ladies

Cricket MPR ladies – 01 PPD

1.64 and below =b                                        16.49 and below =b

1.65 and up =a                                               16.50 and up =a


The highest PPD or MPR

If you are an (a) in cricket

And a (b) in 01 if you are an (a) player

  1. If there any discrepancies in the interpretation of the rules, Shaffer Entertainment’s decision is final!