Golden Tee Live – April – Longest Drive of the 2019 courses and add them together and the golfer with the highest total is the winner. To qualify each golfer will need to play each one of the new 2019 courses a minimum of seven rounds totaling 35 rounds. All rounds must be glory or prize play and only completed rounds will be counted.

All games must be played on GT Live prize play on Shaffer GT Live machines. Play as many times as you would like.

*Tiebreaker will be Great Shot Points

Prizes: 1st – $300, 2nd – $200, 3rd – $100, 4th – $50

Courses: Catedrals Beach, Sandhill Woods, Beals Creek, Agave Ranch, Pembroke Links, and Pine Meadows

Play 50-124 games receive $1.00 per game

Play 125-199 games receive $2.00 per game

Play 200+, receive $2.50 per game

*For the duration of this tournament the loyalty rewards program will be through the Shaffer Entertainment program only and not Promo Nation. The Promo Nation placed point system is still active.